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Architectural Artifacts Engagement Photos

I’ve always been a bit “outside the box” when it comes to design. When I was 16 I painted 2 of my bedroom walls charcoal. (Much to my mom’s dismay) (: Even then I knew I wanted a contrasted backdrop for all my photos. Fast forward many years and a few houses later. My husband and I found our “dream home.” It was a Fixer Upper to say the least. And when people would first visit they’d say: “Oh, well… you could fix this…Or do that to that….” Well…Those are actually all the reasons we fell in love with the house to begin with. It’s funky! As in Brady Bunch mixed with clean modern. (And yes…One of the first things I did was I painted our sunroom black.) (:

So you bring me to a place like Architectural Artifacts and I’m freaking out it’s so rad. And even better is that the stuff I really geeked out over was like 16K so there’s no threat to me actually shopping. It’s one of those places that you can go round and round in it and see something new each time. Which is great since Zak & Yvonne are gettin’ married here next summer! This is the perfect spot for them! Unique. Fun. Not pretentious in the slightest. Loved hangin’ with them and their cutie pup Bam Bam. (:

Can’t wait to have another go come the big day!

(We would 100% have this flippin’ awesome round couch in our home. LOVE it!) 


Chicago Newborn Photographer Melissa Marie Photography

Growing up I thought it was normal to be best friends with your siblings. Despite the 8 and 10 year age gap between myself and my older sibs we did everything together. Maybe I should say, they allowed me to. (: We can tell already that big brother John, is so sweet with his new little sister, Kathryn. She may not know how sweet that truly is until she’s even possibly an adult some day but as parents, we know the blessing that relationship is to a family. So happy for you guys! Kathryn is a doll!


Chicago Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography: Bridal Besties

These girls were the dancers for the Chicago Rush so you better believe we were jammin’ to tunes while takin’ pics. Annnnnd they all could be models. Like legit. Could be models. Easiest photo day ever. (:

They have beautiful hearts too. Who upon hours of knowing me agrees to come to my fundraiser? (Check out Invisible Girl Project y’all they’re amazing) This truly needs to become a thing. As in people getting in their wedding gowns with their besties and living it up all over again. This time with no pressure or agenda other than drink a little, laugh a ton, and be grateful for the wonderful marriages & friendships that are still going. If you have a catchy name for it, I’m all ears, cuz I for think I want to do this like everyday.  So far, all I got is bridal besties….(:

You girls couldn’t have been sweeter, more fun, easy-going, and beautiful (inside & out). Thank you for taking a chance on joining a photog in her kitchen for some photos. (:

xoxo- Melissa



Chicago Newborn Photographer: Meet Baby Carson!

One of the things I love the most about newborn sessions being in people’s homes is the intimacy of it. For baby and mom to both be in good enough health to be home in-and-of-itself is a precious milestone to not take for granted. But to then capture the first days while they’re still the first days (Trust, the cliche’ of you blink and they’ll be grown is all too real!) is something you’ll never get back. In ways when I think about it I get overly nostalgic about time; making the most of it, and savoring while amidst it. Which sounds great, but when that turns to nostalgia of “I’ll never get this moment back” I turn to my personal time capsules: Photos. It helps change my attitude to gratitude. The days that are short and long at the same time are ones that I never want to forget. They are gifts. Our children are gifts. So here’s to staring a little longer at the little fingers and toes. Here’s to “one more snuggle” before bedtime. Here’s to being grateful for the precious gift that has been entrusted to us as parents. And here’s to images that can stop time when we most wish we could.


Chicago Family Photographer: Melissa Marie Photography

And just like that…We had the last of our 22 mini sessions! And the “last” did not disappoint! They are crazy…hilarious…and FUN! No prompting to be silly needed. They may however need a lint roller or maybe a vacuum as we played pretty pretty hard in those leaves. (:

I asked Zoe who was completely covered head-to-toe with leaves if it was worth it and did she have fun? She smiled and said: “Yeah!”

Love creating fun memories for families that just happen to come out gorgeous. (: