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Picture Perfect Day For An Engagement Session In The City: TIM + RUTH

I can’t think of the last time I rescheduled a shoot because of the weather. And if we ever did, most likely, it’d be because of rain during an engagement shoot. Wedding day? We’ll rock it out, rain or shine. But if you have the option to change your engagement session date and the weather is gnarly, it may just be worth it. Well, that’s at least the tune I’m singin’ since Tim + Ruth pushed back our shoot a week. We literally went from the hottest (and muggiest!) day of the year thus far, to quite possibly one of the nicest. It was one of those days where there’s a little extra pep in your step. The kind of day where you breathe in a little deeper as you take in the sights. The kind where you’ll in the end need to wait 2 hours for the next train, but you actually kinda prefer it. As if the Disney birds weren’t already chirping on this picture perfect day, getting to spend it with Tim & Ruth, made it just flat-out fun! They love to laugh! They have what I would say is a contagious joy. Absolutely loved every bit of this day! Thanks for spending it with me guys!



Though I’m currently just a “cat mom” (Don’t judge me!) and I’m not around the kiddos 24/7, I personally think 2 year olds get a bad rap. I’m sure I’ll eat my words in a couple years but I’m not sold on the concept of “terrible two’s.” I actually love this age! They’re curious, excitable, full-of-energy, and oh so expressive! There’s no guessing “how they’re feeling.” They wear their hearts on their sleeve and are quick to rebound from the tumbles of life. Maybe us “adults” can take a cue from those who are two! And if we add in Paxton’s style, then for sure we should be taking notes. His little Sperry’s were killing me! It’s also said parenting teaches you more than you could imagine. Well, in my few hours with this little man, I can easily see why. Time to put aside the time, the plans, and agenda, and just be enamored with the simple things; ones that I’m all too quickly to pass by each day. With our stubborn adult agendas that may seem “terrible” at times but having the heart of a child is pretty terrific if you ask me. Happy Birthday buddy. You make 2 look good!


Chicago Engagement Photos: North Avenue Beach: KARA + KEVIN

There’s few things as iconic to “city” as the Chicago skyline; or there is summer to the beach. Not to play stereotypes, but while we’re at it, gorgeous blonde babe at the beach? Classic! But ya know, for as “classic” as a gorgeous summer day spent at the beach neither the future bride, Kara, or I could remember the last time we even went to North Ave. beach. (Me with my camera doesn’t count! We’re talkin’ pack a cooler, bust out the tunes, play some sand volleyball, and soak in the rays type of visit.) It was one of those days where you think to yourself: “Why on earth do I not do this more often!?” Well, probably because if I went, I wouldn’t be hangin with these gems, Kara & Kevin on a week day. I’d instead, probably just have small talk with the people that forgot their sunscreen one beach blanket over. And instead of catching some rays, I’d more likely catch a mouth full of sand from the kids attempting to play frisbee in amidst the bazillion of us laying out. Some things are best left to the day dreams of: “We need to.” But days like this are deceiving. We practically had the beach to ourselves. The rain held out until the moment my flip flops walked back through my front door. And after spending a couple hours with Kara & Kevin for their engagement photos, all was right in our Chicago summer world. Couldn’t have picked a better spot, with better people to spend a much needed day at the beach!


Lifestyle Chicago Newborn Photographer: Meet Adriana!

The newborn photo session styles have changed around here over the past year and I’m swooning over it for several reasons. For one, now that I personally have taken back over the baby & family sessions, I’ve gotten to reconnect with so many of my couples from over the years! Have you seen our posts lately!? OH BABY! (and baby, and baby, there’s been a few) (:

Another reason I love our new style is it’s much more of a lifestyle shoot. No fancy studio, no bins of fruit baskets and props, just a day in the life of you, your family, and the little one. What can be more beautiful than that!? By me getting to spend the day in your home, you not only have the luxury of the comforts of “home-base” amidst soothing, feeding, and adjusting to parenthood as you now know it (whether it’s your first our fourth!). And for me, I love it, because there’s no better way to get a glimpse into someone’s life than to see their home.

For Matt & Lisa, it was a new home. One they never could have imagined they’d get. Kinda like little Miss Adriana. (:

The house is gorgeous with sprawling stained-glass windows, hardwood floors, and natural light for days. But more than the gorgeous architecture, this place, though new to them (can you imagine moving, and having a baby all within a couple months of each other!?) has a cozy character about it that you can’t help but picture the lifelong memories that will be built there. Cue cinematic sentimental moment number one. (: The second one came as Lisa was in the other room feeding Adriana. I walked the living room, looking at the pictures, and books that lined their coffee table. One caught my eye: A children’s book entitled: “Wherever you are my love will find you.” I challenge anyone to make it through that book without tearing up! My goodness is it precious! (And no, that’s not just my preggo hormones talking) (: The gist of the book is that a child will never know the depths in which it’s parent loves them. Among all the things in Matt & Lisa’s house that shine light into who they are, this little baby book may be one of the most telling. I can’t recall two parents more head-over-heels, absolutely smitten, over their little one as these two. For not a day to go by without a child knowing without a shadow of a doubt that they are sought after, desired, and oh so loved, is the greatest gift a parent could give; Matt & Lisa, you give that to Adriana in abundance! She is so so lucky to have you guys! Congrats on so many dreams coming true for you guys over these past few months. So much life to be celebrated!