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I love traveling for weddings! I love traveling in general but amongst the daily routine of Chicago, to transplant weddings in Washington D.C there’s things unexpected around every corner. From the fact that I didn’t expect to geek out over seeing the president’s helicopter fly right past our window while getting ready. That essentially, compared to Chicago, (in my opinion) D.C is a fairly small walkable city. We’d jump from Georgetown to Alexandria in a matter of minutes. (It also helped that the bellman at our hotel gave me the low-down on Uber) (: I always think Chicago has old architecture, but going to D.C with it’s cobblestone streets, stores in historic brick buildings, and one of my favorites, the Georgetown campus that looks like it could have been from Harry Potter (favorite not because of Harry Potter; I’ve yet to make it through that movie without falling asleep. Don’t kill me Harry Potter fans) it all makes Chicago’s architecture look like it’s still in it’s infancy. (Which in realty, it is in comparison!) Around each corner, our fresh eyes would be captivated by the beauty of D.C and it’s towns. Or is it districts? I’d assume Districts since it’s D.C?  I dunno. But each spot has it’s own vibe to it. Each one seemingly more beautiful than the next.

Georgetown reminds me of Notting Hill. No… I’ve never been to the actual Notting Hill, but from my extensive watching of the movie I think it’s pretty spot on. (: Gorgeous historic rows of little shops. A classic romantic feel. One that today’s bride and groom embody perfectly. They are class acts through and through. Brett being in the Navy was dressed to the nines in his white uniform. The bride, Becki, she has a timeless beauty about her. And I can honestly say, this may have been the most respectful wedding I’ve done. Sure, it helps that half the guests were from the Navy and they other half from medical school, so we’re dealin’ with the creme-de-la-creme but that’s the bride and groom for ya! Incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and genuine they are. And the friends and family in their life are an equal extension of that. Now that by no means is to say they don’t know how to have fun. The band barely made it through the announcing the bridal party’s names before the dance party kicked off. And that dance floor was absolutely packed the entire night!

Sure, traveling for weddings is great, but the best part is when it’s for gems like Brett & Becki! Couldn’t be happier for you guys! Thank you for having us capture your incredible day in a pretty remarkable city!

CEREMONY: Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart:

RECEPTION: Key Bridge Marriott:

FLORIST: Twinbrook Floral Design:

BAND: Bachelor Boys Band:

HAIR & MAKEUP: Modern Bridal Studio:

DRESS: Vera Wang:

SHOES: Badgley Mischka:




Photographing maternity sessions is pretty surreal these days. With my own little one joining in a couple months, Stephanie’s soon-to-be newborn photos next month will be my last photo session before I take the winter months to cuddle my own munchkin. It’s kinda like the night before you get married, and you lay in bed and think to yourself: “This is my last night as a single person, from here on out, I’ll be married!” Well, this is my last couple as a photographer with no kids until, well, forever! Stephanie being due so close to when I am has it’s perks. (Especially since they’re so on top of things!) They’ve taken a bazillion classes, and it motivated me to sign up for one also. She looks ridiculously awesome, and inspires me to keep it together for these last weeks. (: I think things will get all the more real when Matt & Stephanie welcome their first child, knowing soon, that’ll be me! What!? Steph,  you’re already one inspirational momma! Can’t wait to meet your little one soon!!


Palmer House + Newberry Library Wedding: Chicago Wedding Photography


I’ve never been one for late night shows. I don’t really care about celebrities, and most of the time, I find the guest starring band playing that night to be awkward to watch. One thing I do love however is the top-ten lists! They are hilarious! So the groom at this fabulous wedding stood up front to toast his bride. Yes, he thanked her for the immense amount of work she and their families put in to make the wedding everything that it turned out to be. Yes, he toasted to how beautiful she is and looked that day. (Which she was! Wowza!) And then came a little segment of the speech that none of us saw coming. Something so oddly thoughtful and hilarious at the same time it has us laughing into puddles of tears. For the year leading up to the big day, the groom would call his bride-to-be in the morning and would ask how she slept and if she had any dreams the night before. That in-and-of-itself I find adorable. Most guys would be quick to get off the phone and just say: “Call me after work.” Well, it turns out that he saved some of the more notable dreams she had that year and made a top-10 list to share as a surprise at the reception. The delivery, the dreams themselves, the one’s he chose to share, were all perfect! Lets just say Putin made it on the top-10 list twice. (:  Too funny! Though it was the funniest top-10 list I’ve heard the ending was my favorite. As he’s mentioning all her dreams, he then turns it to say it’s a dream come true for them to be married. Yeah…My heart melted too. Here’s to fulfilling many more dreams! (Hopefully, with less Trump & Putin) (: Congrats guys!


GETTING READY: Palmer House Hotel:

CEREMONY:  St. Pauls United Church of Christ:

RECEPTION: Newberry Library:

FLORIST: Fleur Du Jour:

BAND: Ken Arlen Music Organization – Velocity:

CATERING: Food Evolution:

DRESS LOCATION: Mira Couture Store:

DRESS DESIGNER: Paloma Blanca:

SUITS: Ralph Lauren:

HAIR & MAKEUP: Balance Salon and Spa:

VIDEOGRAPHY: Five 26 Videography:



College Church + CityGate Grille Wedding: TIM + RUTH

I always consider it a privilege to be allowed to capture people’s wedding day. It’s an honor that even after more than a decade doing so, I don’t take it lightly.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love all my couples! I’m truly blessed to be able to do what I do for such incredible people, but when you’re with Tim + Ruth, you’ve encountered something rare. It wasn’t just a privilege to have captured their wedding day but honestly, to even have witnessed it. I don’t think I’ve ever left a wedding so in awe before. In awe of how two people can impact hundreds in their surrounding communities. Amazed at how well they love people. Encouraged at how their faith was at the forefront of all that they did that day and do on the everyday. The only way I can describe it is as that out of the hundreds of people that came to celebrate that day (Yes! Hundreds!) from the very first person to the very last, it was as if you were witnessing a legacy.

One obvious way I saw this was in Tim’s wedding ring. For generations, the ring has been passed down. The wedding dates and scripture verses of meaning inscribed on the inside from those who have led the way before them. What a powerful symbol to wear upon your hand. That marriage is a blessing from the Lord and when founded on Him, the legacy of generations will follow.

When the grandma calls you over to her dinner table, takes you by the hand, and not only sweetly asks about my growing baby bump, but so genuinely and even excitedly asks for my name to add me and the coming little one to her prayer list. I mean…Come on! Authentic! That’s it! That’s the word I’ve been searching for! Through and through Ruth, Tim, and their community of friends resound authenticity! I’m confident that is why their ministry is and will continue to flourish. It is why they did their reception in shifts as there were so many that love and adore them. It is why every single person I’m sure left their wedding encouraged, inspired, and grateful to in some way be a part of it all.

Tim & Ruth, you have such beautiful hearts! May you continue to shine for the Lord! May your ministry together be stronger than anything you could have ever possibly planned for apart. “Two are better than one. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Looking forward to seeing your legacy continue to blossom in the years to come. Congratulations!

CEREMONY: College Church:

RECEPTION: CityGate Grille:

FLORIST: Andrew’s Garden:

DJ: Just Press Play Productions:

HAIR & MAKEUP: Zazu Salons:

DRESS: A Joyful Occasion: