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College Church + CityGate Grille Wedding: TIM + RUTH

I always consider it a privilege to be allowed to capture people’s wedding day. It’s an honor that even after more than a decade doing so, I don’t take it lightly.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love all my couples! I’m truly blessed to be able to do what I do for such incredible people, but when you’re with Tim + Ruth, you’ve encountered something rare. It wasn’t just a privilege to have captured their wedding day but honestly, to even have witnessed it. I don’t think I’ve ever left a wedding so in awe before. In awe of how two people can impact hundreds in their surrounding communities. Amazed at how well they love people. Encouraged at how their faith was at the forefront of all that they did that day and do on the everyday. The only way I can describe it is as that out of the hundreds of people that came to celebrate that day (Yes! Hundreds!) from the very first person to the very last, it was as if you were witnessing a legacy.

One obvious way I saw this was in Tim’s wedding ring. For generations, the ring has been passed down. The wedding dates and scripture verses of meaning inscribed on the inside from those who have led the way before them. What a powerful symbol to wear upon your hand. That marriage is a blessing from the Lord and when founded on Him, the legacy of generations will follow.

When the grandma calls you over to her dinner table, takes you by the hand, and not only sweetly asks about my growing baby bump, but so genuinely and even excitedly asks for my name to add me and the coming little one to her prayer list. I mean…Come on! Authentic! That’s it! That’s the word I’ve been searching for! Through and through Ruth, Tim, and their community of friends resound authenticity! I’m confident that is why their ministry is and will continue to flourish. It is why they did their reception in shifts as there were so many that love and adore them. It is why every single person I’m sure left their wedding encouraged, inspired, and grateful to in some way be a part of it all.

Tim & Ruth, you have such beautiful hearts! May you continue to shine for the Lord! May your ministry together be stronger than anything you could have ever possibly planned for apart. “Two are better than one. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Looking forward to seeing your legacy continue to blossom in the years to come. Congratulations!

CEREMONY: College Church:

RECEPTION: CityGate Grille:

FLORIST: Andrew’s Garden:

DJ: Just Press Play Productions:

HAIR & MAKEUP: Zazu Salons:

DRESS: A Joyful Occasion:



If you have a bad day…You prolly should call Colin + Courtney.

If you need a pick me up from a long week…You prolly should call Colin + Courtney.

If you ever have a craving for hole-in-the-wall tacos…You prolly should call Colin + Courtney.

If you ever need to fight for a parking spot…You prolly should call Colin _ Courtney.

If you ever want to avoid a pretty awkward situation while at the beach…You prolly should call Colin + Courtney

If you need a good laugh…You prolly should call Colin + Courtney.

For whatever reason possible, you prolly want to call these two because you will have the absolute best time! Sure, it’s hard to have a bad day when it’s a gorgeous day at the beach, but honestly, it’s these two that made it awesome for me. We laughed…a lot. And shot the breeze like this was our normal routine. Instant friends. Cannot wait to capture the big day!


Odyssey Country Club Wedding: TIM + TRIC

Tim + Tric are sorta BA. Actually, I take that back. They’re super BA. With purple hair, an attuned pallete for liquor, and being the managers of one of the most exclusive cigar lounges, they live a colorful life! As was their wedding! With a full on firework display during the reception? They are anything but boring! On the outside they may look edgy. And sure, they can party with the best of them but what I’m not sure everyone gets to see but shines as bright to me as Tric’s magenta & teal makeup is that at their core, they are actually softies! Super thoughtful, (Personalized gifts to each person in the wedding, and super sweet gifts to each other) and despite maybe passing it off as no big deal, they are quite romantic! I’m not sharing though, I’ll let them keep there “cool” vibe flowin’. (: Congrats guys!!


FLORIST: Linda Valenti:

DJ: SoPrime Entertainment:

HAIR & MAKEUP: Artistry By Francesca:

DRESS: Wolsfelt’s Bridal:


Cress Creek Country Club Wedding: PETER + JULIA

You know the Men’s Warehouse commercial? Pretty sure everyone could say it with me: “While everyone is looking at her…She’s looking at him.” I think it’s every bride’s hope that when she does look at her groom, he looks like Peter did on his wedding day. Yes, Peter is handsome, but more so where I’m going with this is what bride doesn’t want her groom to shed a tear or two when he first sees her? It’s as if the love can’t be contained any more and the only further expression is for love to leak out into tears. To be able to witness such a love, and even more than see it, but to capture it, there’s few moments like it. That my friends is why I say in the end, it doesn’t truly matter where we take photos or if we align you to some pose you saw on Pinterest, there’s no great emotion that you want to bottle up, and save forever than when you officially choose the other; forever. On the days where you aren’t feeling your best, going back to that memory and knowing that the other person out of everyone on the planet, chose you. Didn’t have to. But chose to! And on the days where life is cruising on by and we forget to count our blessings, may you come across this moment, and be reminded of what a jewel in life you have merely in having the other person in your life. Peter & Julia, may these images be memories captured for the good days and the more difficult. Come back to them often and be reminded of what a sweet love you have within each other. Congratulations!!

CEREMONY: St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church:

RECEPTION: Cress Creek Country Club:

FLORIST: Celidan Creations:

DJ: Chicago DJ:

DRESS: Belle Vie Bridal Couture:

HAIR & MAKEUP:  Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry:

best groom reaction ever.


Acquaviva Winery Wedding: BRIAN + KRISTEN

I always say: “Rain or shine” it’s going to be stunning, and we’ll get some killer photos on your big day. It’s not often though that I get a couple gutsy enough when having the opportunity to reschedule a photo shoot date when it’s raining that they still go through with it. Well, Brian & Kristen did! Obviously, they didn’t reschedule their wedding based on the wedding but they did stick out some pretty gnarly rain storms during their engagement session! We aren’t talking a drizzle, or stand under this covering till this passes type of rain. We’re talkin’ full out storms! As in I may or may not have had to get my equipment repaired from flooding. (: But we all gotta admit, there’s something crazy romantic about kissing in the rain! The fact that nothing else matters than being with the other person in that moment resounds all the more loudly than even the thunder. Their engagement session was dreamy in the rain but I couldn’t be happier that we got the most beautiful bright sunny day for their wedding! Especially since it was the gorgeous Acquaviva Winery. (And no, that’s not just the wine talkin’….It’s stunning! Who know there was such a place in Illinois!?

It was warm…It was beautiful…It was a perfect reflection of Brian & Kristen. I actually think both their engagement session & wedding were. They knew the storms were coming on the day of their engagement session, they had every opportunity to bail and think about doing it another time, and they didn’t. They stuck it out, and though maybe not as they initially pictured, ended up loving it. If they take the bumps in the road that will come along, they surely will find themselves basking in sunny days of their marriage often. Congrats Brian & Kristen!!

CEREMONY: St. Patrick Parish:

RECEPTION: Aquaviva Winery:

FLORIST: Town & Country Gardens:

DJ: 28 Days:

VIDEOGRAPHER: Go Wedding Video:

BRIDAL SHOP: Veiled In Elegance: