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“We’ve got an extra room for you!” they said. And by “extra” what they really meant was the groom without announcement, slept on the couch in order for me, my husband, and infant son to have a room. This is the type of family they are. And that is the kind of man Jake is. He comes from a family of supporters. Ones that well…will give up their spot for another. People that are so compassionate, that you know it’s not of their own will, but the Lord working through them. They speak so genuinely that if you ever doubted yourself, you’d walk away with a renewed spirit. They’re the type of people who have the courage to say what’s on their heart without hesitancy of being vulnerable. This is probably why the day was such an emotional one. (For everyone!) To fully put into words all that someone means to you, is a vulnerable place to be. If there was ever a day to not hold back, it’d be on one’s wedding day!

May each image be evidence that you’ve held nothing back. Full giving of yourself to the other from this day forward.


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This…All of this. Every day. Please! From talks of soccer, and nostalgia over Jelly shoes, these are my people right here! I tell my couples as they debate whether engagement sessions are for them or not that we’ll just be hanging out. Really! And it just so happens to be while wearing your favorite outfit, with an epic backdrop. (:

I’m tellin’ ya, I’d hang with these two with or without a camera any day! And that’s not just the gelato we had mid-way through the shoot talkin’. (:

I’m ridiculously excited to shoot their big day in a few weeks! Cannot wait!!!


Chicago Newborn Photographer: SIMON FAMILY

It’s pancakes on a Saturday morning.

It’s watching cartoons for the millions time.

It’s playing catch in the backyard.

It’s “one more story” at bedtime.

It’s silly faces and rhyming songs.

It’s squeals of laughter and snuggles on the couch.

It’s a million little moments that make up memories, that make up our days, that make up family.

Tony & Sarah expanded theres. Little Jack is and always will be so adored he won’t even begin to know how much! So happy for you guys!


You Were Always Meant To Be A Dad: Happy First Fathers Day!

You were always meant to be a dad…

I knew it from the moment you had your campers chanting nonsense rhymes outside your Crosby cabin at Camp Moyoca.

I knew it when my sister called to say her kids sing about you around the house.

I knew it when you continued to pour into youths lives even when they’ve gone off and even graduated college.

I knew it when you had a longing in your heart years before mine caught up.

I knew it when the roles were reversed, and you were having to selflessly care for your own dad.

I knew you were meant to not only be a dad but the one for Ryan the moment you first said: “It’s a boy!”

And I’ve known you were meant to be a dad in so many little and big  in Ryan’s life ever since.

There are people who will always have a challenge to know, and accept who Christ is as a Heavenly Father because of their experiences with their earthly. My heart is so grateful that will not be the case for Ryan. In fact, there’s going to be few ways greater for  Ryan to know who the Lord is in his gracious, everlasting, selfless love, than to see his own dad live that out each day.

Thank you for being an incredible dad! Ryan will never truly know how good he’s got it!


We Love you!



So…If you ever call my cell phone and you get my answering machine, call back. The dude from Yelp literally calls me twice a day to sell me on “boosting my page so more people see my work.” (Points for persistence Larry, but seriously, stop calling) (:

Don’t get me wrong, I typically wouldn’t want to turn down an opportunity to potentially get matched with engaged couples, but there’s something that Yelp, the Knot, or whomever wants my money to “buy me clients” doesn’t have. This is the number one reason I’m still in business and it’s the number one reason I LOVE my couples: relationships! I not only get the majority of my weddings from referrals but it’s how I absolutely fall for my couples! Just over a year ago I photographed a wedding in which I adored the bride & groom. Today’s bride was the Maid of Honor for that wedding, and now it was my previous bride’s turn to stand by her best friends side. It took all of two seconds into Courtney & Colin’s engagement session to see why these two are besties. They are seriously some of the most thoughtful, kind, and fun people you would ever hope to meet! I mean, who buys there photographer a present on their honeymoon!? All this to say, I could spend however much money and buy my clients (yes, that is a thing) or I could have some of the greatest people introduce me other incredible people.

The word “incredible” hardly does justice for Courtney & Colin. Seriously! If I were to list all the thoughtfulness in their gifts to their parents, the words in their speeches, or what a blast they are to be around, it’d be the longest blog post of all time. Was every detail of this day planned to perfection? Yep. But they’d be the first to say it, that it’s because of the incredible friends & family in their lives who were well enough to make it to the big day that made it perfection for them.

Court & Colin- I just adore you two! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing me to capture this incredible time in your life. I know your journey wasn’t an easy one to get to where you are, but to be able to celebrate with everyone whom we didn’t know would make it to see it, is an honor that I don’t take lightly. So thank you! I cannot wait to see what the future hold for you guys! No doubt, it will be filled with a ton of laughter & fun!!

So much love for you!!

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