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You Were Always Meant To Be A Dad: Happy First Fathers Day!

You were always meant to be a dad…

I knew it from the moment you had your campers chanting nonsense rhymes outside your Crosby cabin at Camp Moyoca.

I knew it when my sister called to say her kids sing about you around the house.

I knew it when you continued to pour into youths lives even when they’ve gone off and even graduated college.

I knew it when you had a longing in your heart years before mine caught up.

I knew it when the roles were reversed, and you were having to selflessly care for your own dad.

I knew you were meant to not only be a dad but the one for Ryan the moment you first said: “It’s a boy!”

And I’ve known you were meant to be a dad in so many little and big  in Ryan’s life ever since.

There are people who will always have a challenge to know, and accept who Christ is as a Heavenly Father because of their experiences with their earthly. My heart is so grateful that will not be the case for Ryan. In fact, there’s going to be few ways greater for  Ryan to know who the Lord is in his gracious, everlasting, selfless love, than to see his own dad live that out each day.

Thank you for being an incredible dad! Ryan will never truly know how good he’s got it!


We Love you!


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