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Out Of This World: Happy Birthday Barto!

You and I both know I love me a good birthday. Often times I couldn’t narrow down what to do to celebrate your day, so we’d end up essentially with a birthday week. Knowing this of me, you’d preemptively say: “don’t go crazy.”

Well, some dinners, parties, and many gifts later, I’d lay in bed at the end of it all and hope you’ve felt special.

Well, this year, we have a newborn. And as the saying goes: “it changes things.” I don’t have the additional time to bake a bazillion desserts. I didn’t wrap your gift. And lunch is coming via drive-thru. But what I do have is a heart so grateful for who you are to Ryan and I, it could burst.

As I one finger type this with our sleeping son on my lap, I can’t help but think of all the moments ahead for him that will create who he becomes. There is no one more influential (other than Christ) on Ryan’s life than you. For the past 36 years, (yikes! Old man!) moment by moment, year by year, you’ve become who you are today. An unconditionally loving husband, father, son, and friend. One who is behind the scenes so generous that it pushes me to check my priorities. A man that holds the things of this world so lightly that it makes me realize the best truly is within eternity.  One that’s so hardworking that there is never a doubt that you’d go to the ends of the earth to provide for us.

It’s for these and so many more reasons I’m thankful that out of the entire universe,  the Lord specifically created YOU! And not only that, out of every continent, country, or college we could have met at, our paths perfectly aligned. The God of the universe gifted you to us! Try writing that on a cake or fitting that in a box with a bow.  It’s not the fanciest of birthdays, but I hope you are able to have even for a day, a glimpse at how dearly loved you are.

Happy Birthday!




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