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The concept of words is baffling to me. You can say just one, and regret it in an instant. While you can say two, and get made fun of for saying the same word twice. People long a lifetime to hear the right person say the magical three words to them and often times, if you repeat a word much more than that it no longer sounds like a word! Even now, I think I’m adding too many words per sentence and the few that actually read this will probably think I’m incompetent. When really…I just have a tendency to create run-on sentences. Lets just say I wasn’t the best second-grader in the class. (:

An even greater tendency of mine is finding a word (whether I like it or not) and using it for absolutely everything. Take the word “Fantastic for example.” To me, it sounds like a cheesy and insincere word. The kind that a used-car salesmen would say after describing the jalopy out back. Well, to my dismay, and my recent sanity that word has been my adjective of choice. “This food….Is fantastic!” “Sure! coffee sounds fantastic!” (look at my last blog) The people I meet…are “fantastic!” Oh… my word! (Quite literally, it’s become my word.) I’m driving myself crazy! The fact that others have not yet caught onto it makes the cycle of words all the more baffling. May you never cling to a word as I have. (:


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