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Feelin’ The Love

There have been few moments that I have felt as loved as I do right now. As I write the tears are rolling off my cheeks. For those of you who know me it takes an epic event to get me to cry and though today is Valentines Day, I typically wouldn’t catagorize cupid in a diaper an “epic” event. I used to go all out for this day but in reality after 6 years of a relationship you start to join the Hallmark holiday train as you just begin to run out of ideas! So I guess I just never saw this coming. I awoke to a surprise that touched the depths of my heart. Anticipating a regular work day I sit at my computer to find an open document saying: “Happy Valentines Day! I love you with all of my heart.” It was red and decorated with hearts and made me start my day with a smile. Since I work from home, Bart sometimes leaves me little notes around the house for me to find them when I wake up. It’s adorable and I thought this was such an occasion but to say that would be a huge understatement. As I scrolled down on my techy valentine it said: “Click Me.” In all honesty I didn’t expect anything to happen, it was a text document, just writting that shouldn’t do anything. Well, my tech teacher of a husband made a link from that to a blog-site he had created. Lets just say I read the first couple of words and just lost it. It is a site where many of my friends and family wrote “why they love me.” So here I am, trying to read through my tears and every couple of lines I just have to take a break because I’m so overwhelmed.

I have never prided myself on having the most friends. Rather, the people I have in my life daily warm my soul. Thank you for your love, encouragement, and words that I will carry with me and turn to for the rest of my life. I honestly cannot remember a time where I have felt so blessed. To my wonderful husband- Where to start with you? Six years ago to this day you made it clear that my heart was worth fighting for. From serenades and little notes to movie night and chinese food, each day I have with you is a gift from God. Thank you for showing your love to me on what is now a very special day.

If you want to check out the blog that Bart created go to:


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