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Chicago Engagement Photos: A Day In The Park With Steven + Kimi

It is absolutely refreshing how fun these two are! Their sarcastic, weird, and slightly inappropriate running commentary on life is something you want to be the fly on the wall to hear. Most couples, actually wait…no other couple who has ever contacted me what to where for their engagement session at no point ever has mention their matching onsies being an option. These two volleyball big shots could have easily chosen the court or the beach to have their photos done but true to form, they chose the park. Why? Because it’s fun! As is the goofball gif of some of our photos from the session. You gotta go to our Facebook page to check it out.

I got a call shortly before our session was to begin letting me know that their car had overheated and broken down on the side of the highway. Steve walked to get coolant which did the trick, but I fully anticipated a call saying: “Ya know what, we’re pretty bummed, and I’m a sweaty mess from walking the highway, lets just do this another day.” But instead, these two show up completely un-phased, crackin’ jokes from the get-go. I love how rasilient these two are! I’m sure that’s in part why they’re such baller Volleyball players. But it’s also what’s gonna get them through a whole lot of unexpected twists in life’s plans. Keep your goofy, fun-loving, lighten-up people it’s just a joke mentality you guys. It’s absolutely refreshing! Cannot wait for the wedding! Now THAT will be FUN!!!


Chevy Chase Country Club Wedding: KEVIN + KARA

“When I saw the photo, I felt exactly how I did the day of the wedding.” 

Words the bride, Kara, said after seeing the image of her reading the letter her groom, Kevin, wrote her. Sure, the big day was just weeks ago currently, but fast forward through jobs, houses, kids, birthdays, anniversaries, hardships, triumphs, parties, vacations, traditions, epic moments, and the one’s we often overlook and take for granted. Fast forward through all of that and then hold that photo. Now THAT is why I do what I do!

Kara’s (100 year old!!) grandmother was with her to celebrate the big day. She even was called out onto the dance floor to join for a three generation: grandmother, mother, and daughter dance. (Que, tears emoji!) That image…Irreplaceably priceless! These aren’t just wedding photos. They’re time-capsules that can bring you back to the people, the promise, and the love that was shared that day!

May these images be a reminder of your incredible day, and the amazing people that were with you for it!

CEREMONY: St. Paul Of The Cross:

RECEPTION: Chevy Chase Country Club:

FLORIST: Wild Orchid Custom Florals:

DJ: After Hours Music:

GOWN BOUTIQUE: Reddington Bridal:



“We’ve got an extra room for you!” they said. And by “extra” what they really meant was the groom without announcement, slept on the couch in order for me, my husband, and infant son to have a room. This is the type of family they are. And that is the kind of man Jake is. He comes from a family of supporters. Ones that well…will give up their spot for another. People that are so compassionate, that you know it’s not of their own will, but the Lord working through them. They speak so genuinely that if you ever doubted yourself, you’d walk away with a renewed spirit. They’re the type of people who have the courage to say what’s on their heart without hesitancy of being vulnerable. This is probably why the day was such an emotional one. (For everyone!) To fully put into words all that someone means to you, is a vulnerable place to be. If there was ever a day to not hold back, it’d be on one’s wedding day!

May each image be evidence that you’ve held nothing back. Full giving of yourself to the other from this day forward.


MUSIC: Gypsy Hombres AND Premire DJ:



CATERING: Penelopes:

HAIR & MAKEUP: SalonnFuse:



This…All of this. Every day. Please! From talks of soccer, and nostalgia over Jelly shoes, these are my people right here! I tell my couples as they debate whether engagement sessions are for them or not that we’ll just be hanging out. Really! And it just so happens to be while wearing your favorite outfit, with an epic backdrop. (:

I’m tellin’ ya, I’d hang with these two with or without a camera any day! And that’s not just the gelato we had mid-way through the shoot talkin’. (:

I’m ridiculously excited to shoot their big day in a few weeks! Cannot wait!!!


Chicago Newborn Photographer: SIMON FAMILY

It’s pancakes on a Saturday morning.

It’s watching cartoons for the millions time.

It’s playing catch in the backyard.

It’s “one more story” at bedtime.

It’s silly faces and rhyming songs.

It’s squeals of laughter and snuggles on the couch.

It’s a million little moments that make up memories, that make up our days, that make up family.

Tony & Sarah expanded theres. Little Jack is and always will be so adored he won’t even begin to know how much! So happy for you guys!