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Chicago Wedding Photographer: The Dawson Chicago: JORDAN + MARISSA

If you know me, or have spent more than a minute on my Instagram you’re well aware of my 3 obsessions: Coffee. Donuts. And Brunch. If you get all three in the same day, you’ve hit the delicious trifecta. And if you hit all three, add in bottomless mimosas, a gorgeous venue, and a bride & groom (who also have the well appointed love for such delicious things) who are sweeter than the donuts, well, then, your wedding season is made. And so is the editing of the wedding. I mean, you can’t edit a coffee & donut wedding without ample coffee and donuts right? It just makes sense. (:

Oh, and I don’t think it was the bottomless mimosas (though that never hurts), I’ve never ever seen such a packed dance floor during a day wedding. From beginning to end, so much fun! Congrats Jordan & Marissa!








VENUE: The Dawson:

FLORIST: Marianos:


Volkerning Heritage Farm: Family Photo: SAWIN FAMILY

People’s vocalness about certain stages of parenting had me a bit prematurely anticipating when the ball of adorable will drop and the “terrible two’s” would hit. Well, Maddie, who is so close in age to my son, always perks me up with anticipation of all the wonderful things ahead. It was freezing out and through and through she was just a ball of fun and joy! Two is looking very promising!


Volkening Heritage Farm: Melissa Marie Photography: SIMON FAMILY

There was two hours that it wasn’t supposed to rain. It just so happened to be the two hours I had scheduled for my last two family shoots before we expand our own family to four in the next few weeks.

It was wet. It was freezing. It was windy. It wasn’t pretty. Outside that is. This family is in no shortage of beautiful. Beautiful obviously on the outside. I mean…Look at em. (:

But beautiful on the inside too. They’re understanding. Givers of grace. Fun. And able to roll with the punches. Whether it be being flexible to see on the fly what the weather hold. Kids who are have been such troopers (Seriously, it was nasty out. They were amazing) but are now over it, and making the selfless decision to just call it. So glad we were able to sneak in some time to capture their family. Doesn’t take much with these guys. (:



What do get when a world champion Olympic ice skating doctor, who owns a jewelry company in two of the biggest cities in the country, (Charles Jewelry) marries a radiantly beautiful (both on the inside and outside), bright, and accomplished  woman? What do you get when they both are fashion forward yet elegantly classic style icons? A pair that sounds like they are the leading characters in a hit movie but in so many ways are living a real life fairytale. A pair that flies to Rome to get a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes that no one else on the planet can have. A wedding so draped in stunning custom jewelry your jaw drops when the box opens. A venue so surreal to see not in the context of the many field trips that have been taken, but almost like the movie “A night at the museum” it’s as if the Field museum now empty of visitors but filled with guests is now more alive than before. Through and through, the bride and groom, the venue, the details, all are more remarkable than knowing how to describe. That’s the beauty of photographs. They help tell a story that words cannot. Megan & Charles, May the images of your spectacular wedding day not only highlight your flawless taste, but I hope they speak volumes to the great love story you two have.

HOTEL: Ritz Carlton Chicago:

VENUE: Field Museum:

JEWELRY: Charles Jewelry:

WEDDING PLANNER: Lola Event Productions:

SHOES: Valentino:


STATIONARY: Steracle Press:

GOWN: Ines Di Santo:

VIDEOGRAPHER: Highway 61 Films:

BAND: Front Of House:



So I had a couple misconceptions when it came to raising a boy. Now, to be fair, I only have a boy (for another month till baby girl arrives) to go off of for experience but for one, thought it wouldn’t be as fun to dress a boy. Wrong. I may or may not have had to convert an un-used game closet to hold all his jackets and shoes. (: And luckily for me, he loves putting on & away his shoes! The other, and way more importantly, I thought I was going to miss out on all the snuggles that’d come along with the early years. My Ry is the biggest snuggler and I’ve got it on video that he promises me that it will be that way with his momma until he’s at least 30. (:

There’s so much of Brookes that reminds me of my little Ry. Tons of energy. Super goofy but also respectful. A boy (or mama!) who knows how to dress. (: And still will allow some snuggles with his mom from time to time. These are the moments that I sear into my memory as I know there will be a day he will be over it. (And I’ll pretend like it’s okay and then secretly cry in my bathroom.)

I’ll never tire of photos of mama’s and their little guys snuggling.