It's fitting that I'm a pocket option sign up wedding photographer because my life is one big sappy love story. Which if you knew my husband  you'd laugh at that statement. He's a mega buff athlete and I'm pretty sure he just may be the funniest person to ever exist. So people would never know what a secret romantic he is and the great lengths he went to "get" me. 

Let's start from the beginning...

            Back when I was a freshman in college people called me "Penelope." It was super random. It wasn't until months later that I find out that my, now husband, who was a senior at the time, didn't have the guts to ask me my name so would refer to me as "Penelope," (as he thought I resembled "Penelope Cruz.")  I honestly don't see it, but hey! If some makes that comparison you take it! (:  Well, he finally got my name right and for months we'd spend hours, and I mean hours (i.e. the sun may or may not have been http://www.pocketoption.in/sign-up coming up), in this gazebo on campus.  Well, the seasons started to change and I'd ask to be walked home early because well...It was freezing! To get me to stay out longer he learned how to crochet (Can we pause a moment...? A dude learned to crochet, that in and of itself is impressive!)  and made me a huge blanket to take on our late night walks. So cute! It's still one of the best presents I've ever recieved. At the time, saying goodnight seemed devastating and so he'd always tell me that he'd stop time so we could remain in that moment forever. 

         A few months later , underneath the stars, we stood hand in hand. I remember every detail of that night. How the water was so still that the stars doubled in the reflection. That it was completely dark but the glow of the moon highlighted just enough of his face that I could tell something was on his mind. That when I asked him what he was thinking he looked down https://pocketoption.in/sign-up, gave a deep exhale, and peered into my eyes in a way that I'll remember forever and he said for the first time: "I love you."  Even still, my heart melts every time I think about it! Gosh I love that man! 

         A couple weeks later, there was a surprise knock on my door. There he stood holding a little blue box. It was a watch with the moon & the stars on it. After a few minutes, I realized that the watch was not ticking. He had finally stopped time! The date and time would permanently be set to when we stood on that pier. To this day, on my dresser is that little blue box with the watch that no longer ticks and the date remains the same. Every time I see it, I not only remember that one night in time but also the paths we have traveled since. 

         As you look upon the images of your big day, I hope you find them to be tangible reminders of  your heart's journey. May they always bring you back to the very moment that you most wished would never end. Time can cease to pass and living in this moment of pure love truly can last forever. I count it a privilege to stop time for you on the greatest day of your life through images. 

 -Melissa Marie


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